BRB. Nerding out at Comic-Con.

For years, I've been going to Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con, where I've been able to meet celebrities like Norman Reedus, voice actor Jeremy Shada, to Mythbuster's Grant Imahara. It wasn't until I followed Adam Savage outside of Mythbusters, on, that I  became interested in San Diego Comic-Con and cosplaying. It's difficult to get passes if you've never been,  but this year I finally got a pass, and I was more than excited!



Since I only had a pass for one day, my first day at SDCC involved exploring what the outside of the con had to offer. Luckily I had my friend Paul & his friend Stephan (aka Deadpool), to  give me a crash course of Comic-Con 101. I definitely wasn't ready for it's caliber.


There's just so much to do & see outside of the convention center. I saw so many amazing cosplays & Easter eggs throughout the city. I got some pretty cool swag in the process, as well, like my Son of Zorn sword. Heck, I even got attacked by a zombie. Luckily, Deadpool got my back.

DSC03387 (1).jpg

As the sun went down, I don't think I could have asked for a better first day. Mentally, I was already planning next year's Comic-con.



For Saturday, I only had one goal: see Adam Savage in his "Science of Star Trek" panel.

For the entirety of Comic-con weekend,  at the nearby Petco Field, Nerdist held Camp Conival, where it  hosted a series of activities & panels.  Since it opened at 11:00am each day, by 9:30am, I was outside waiting in line. It seemed like most of the people I spoke to, in the line, were also there for Adam Savage. Come 10:30am, they started to let us through security. Even though I was pretty far back in the line, at 11:00am, I sprinted up the stairs & sped walked successfully into row 2, front & center. I was ready & I wasn't moving.


I'm just here for @donttrythis. #MyOlderManCrush Why? Because being smart & being shamelessly passionate about things is attractive. #truth


While I sat through the first two panels, I found myself fan-girling as a tweet I sent, was retweeted by Adam Savage himself (above). Then as the 3rd panel rolled in, I was at the edge of my seat with excitement, to see him not 10ft from me. Some people may not understand my love for Adam Savage, but to me, he is someone that is a nerd from every angle, and he's not ashamed about it! In fact, he makes it cool! He's passionate about what he loves & does what makes him happy. I mean, how many people live in unhappy circumstances, just because they are afraid of being different?

He taught me to say just be into what I'm into, and be me. Let's just say, it may have been one of my best Saturdays EVER.



Rey is back! This time though, she's gone to the dark side. 

For Sunday, Comic-con's final day & only day I have a pass for, I was Kylo Rey. My cosplay was supposed to be a mashup between Kylo Ren (swoon) & Rey, hence Kylo Ren's light saber. I quickly realized however, most people just recognized me as Dark Side Rey, which I was okay with. 


I must say that walking the floor was quite overwhelming, more so than walking outside, around the con. I think it's the fact that there's just so much amazing material to see, in such a concentrated area. I definitely could see myself spending an entirely day, thoroughly walking through just half of the halls. At times, I found myself spending 30 minutes at a single book (although some of them were huge), just admiring the artwork.


Luckily I ran into so many amazing Star Wars (and Deadpool) cosplayers to pose with.  Next are some of my other favorite cosplays. Jinkies! 

At the Star Wars booth, I even got to see a sneak preview at costumes for the upcoming film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as well as a multitude of props & figurines from The Force Awakens.


Last but not least, I ended my con, by meeting Markiplier, from Youtube; as well as running into Tested's Norman Chan, on the convention floor. I have to admit, it had been a unforgettably crazy couple of days, but I wouldn't have been able to have the amount of fun I had, without the help of Paul & Stephan. They saved me more than once during this trip, as well as treated to me to a fabulous dinner. My gratitude to them is beyond.

Now... onto planning next year. Thanks for reading! Love, JEN


Long time no see, my blog fam! In today's post, I'm saying hello to you from San Diego, California!

I'm here to attend International Comic-Con (SDCC), for my first time ever. Since I was already in area, and because I had so much fun on my safari in Disney World's Animal Kingdom, I decided to check out the Caravan Safari, in San Diego Zoo's Safari Park. For your choice of 2 or 3.5 hour tours (daytime or twilight), you can go out in a huge caravan that brings you to the eye level of baby giraffes. 

Here's one of the 3 baby giraffes that came up to our caravan. You imagine how close we got to these beautiful creatures.


 Luckily, in the time slot I chose (twilight), we only had 3 people in our caravan. That's 3 people splitting a huge bucket of leaves, enough for 10 people to feed these giraffes. It also allowed each of us with more time to feed them. We also got feed a few rhinos & see (2) baby rhinos. Not to mention, our tour guide, Justin, was better than anyone I could ask for. Extremely knowledgeable & funny. I had a lot of fun!

Work hard. Play harder.

In other news, sorry for my recurring hiatus. I've been working a lot outside of the blogosphere, 70-100 hours a week to be exact. You can imagine how I've been to busy/tired to blog. Plus, there isn't much to blog when you're working every waking moment. But, worry not! I still have so much to share about this San Diego trip. Not to mention, my upcoming trip to Europe in September & Australia in November. The rest of this year is going to a world wind adventure, as life should be! New videos are also in the making as well. 

I'll talk to guys real soon! Thanks for reading! Love, JEN

Memorial Sunrise

Hollister pullover sweater // Old Navy yoga pants // Nike Juvenate sneakers

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Spent my Monday pulling into the Rattlesnake Ledge trailhead at 3am, to start a 4am sunrise hike. I find that on days where it's rained the night before, the mornings after are the most beautiful, and what a view it was! 

I couldn't have asked for a greater day to honor our nation's fallen soldiers. Shout out and thank you to all who serve this great country. - JEN