Hello San Jose


My family left our house at 04:30AM, with most of us on 2 hours of sleep, and barely made our 06:45AM plane towards San Jose, CA. We walked onto the plane at 6:37AM. Luckily on the plane, I was able to get a 40 minute nap in, after drinks and snacks were served.


We arrived at SJC at 09:50AM. I was surprised to find that at such small airport, compared to SeaTac, the architectural design was amazing. I also found a Starbucks by the baggage claim, which was a HIP HIP HORAYY moment for me.

We spent our afternoon catching up on sleep at the hotel and having Pho for lunch. (Details on the above outfit here) Before we knew it, it was time for dinner with my family in San Jose and our first day was over. Thank you so much for reading! JN