Beach Hopping East Oahu

Aloha everyone!

My visit to Oahu has now come to an end & by the time you guys are reading this, I'm probably in Maui. I don't think I'll every get over how beautiful of a color the coastal waters are. I could stare at it forever, so for our last day in Oahu, we spent the day beach hopping along East Oahu, towards the North Shore. There seemed to be no end the places that made us want to stop on the way, like Halona Blowhole (above) & Hanauma Bay State Park (below, taken with my Rokinon 8mm Fisheye lens).

We stopped at a total of 4 locations on our way to the North Shore, some of which, I don't even know the name to, like the place above. Everywhere I looked, the view was breathtaking, and I loved the contrast of the dark volcanic rocks against the bright teal waters and warm sandy beaches. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I think I'm going to need to move here one day. The weather is addictive, and the views & vibes are like a ballad to my soul. I can't wait to come back again.

Thank you all again so much for reading. Hope your Hump Day is treating you well. Adventure on adventure junkies! xoxo JEN