The Beauty of Bondi

With it being a new year, I figured I'd better getting to finishing up my Australia photos, so here we go! The first leg of our Aussie trip would start in Sydney. During one of our first few days there, thanks to a very funny Uber driver, we managed to head over to Bondi Beach. It's no wonder why it's such a popular place to be, because as you walk in, you're greeted by endless wall art.

In terms of amenities, Bondi has plenty of filtered water stations, changing areas, and lockers for rent. As for the beach itself, there are designated areas for swimming and surfing. If you can't put your phone down, despite the beautiful view, don't worry. Bondi has it's very own wifi network.

If you get a little hungry, or the beach is "too basic" for you, walk along the right side of the beach & you'll eventually get to the Instagram-famous, Bondi Iceberg Club. Having been there for over 100 years, for as little as $6.50 USD, you can take a dip in the saltwater infinity pool (shown below). There's also a bistro on the top level, where you can enjoy amazing seafood or burgers, with beautiful ocean views. This is a definite must see. 

After our early dinner in the bistro, we continued our walk & followed the coastline away from Bondi Beach. Trust me when I say, that this walk well worth it. Just when you think you've just encountered the most beautiful view of the day, you'll turn the corner, and find yourself wrong, over and over again.


Finally, our walk came to an end as the sun set & gave us this beautiful view. I can't wait to come back!