Girls in Paris


Good morning from Paris!

Hello everyone! Guess who's back in Paris! Last time I was here, was in September of 2016. I was two weeks into a solo backpacking trip & post my third ever Disney half marathon. This time though, I'm on a trip with the girls!


Three girls, one week, and the beautiful city of Paris. I can't even begin to describe how excited I was, to start 2018 off this way. I've packed a little more than usual, I have more time here, and now we have each others company. You best believe that this trip is going to be a whole lot different than my last visit. It might be a little wilder, it might be a little girly (or a lot), but it'll definitely be a lot more stylish! You know, a girls girl kind of trip!


For our first full day, us three girls were quite productive! We woke up early, had some breakfast at a cafe near our hotel, by the Arc de Triomphe. Then it was off to the Musée d'Orsay! We made our way, floor by floor, up to the famous clock up top. It was fun to see what changed since my last visit. Then it was across the Seine to the Louvre. Museum-ed out, we decided to leave the inside for another day, and we were off to the top of the Eiffel Tower (my first time up)! Lastly, we ended our night with dinner at Carbon Paris.


Suddenly, everything I loved about this city was coming back to me. Coupled with the fact that I had been reading up on some French history & learning some more French words, this first day was more than I could ask for. I just can't wait to see what the next few days with these ladies have in store for more! Thanks for reading! Love, Jen

Coat & Top from Express
Backpack from Michael Kors
Boots from Alexander Wang

Lantern Light Festival


Good morning loves! Last night my parents & I went to check out the Lantern Light Festival down in Puyallup, WA. If I'm correct, this their first time touring around the states. The festival starts at 5pm. Just in case we arrived at 4:15pm to a virtually empty parking lot. As 4:30 approached though, the parking got full almost instantly & a 40 foot long line formed from the gates. Boy, did we understate the popularity of this!


To Avoid the Lines

I suggest buying your tickets online. First of all, they're cheaper that way. Online, they're $23 per adult, but when we got to the gate, they ended up being $24.50 per person. Secondly, a large majority of that 40ft+ line, are people waiting in line for tickets. It's January. It's cold! If you've already bought your tickets online & printed them out to be scanned, then you can walk around that entire line & check in at the window to your far left. It's a much shorter line & you be in before you know it! 


Inside you'll find a pretty endless stream of light fixtures to keep you occupied. From a photography standpoint, this place had endless possibilities for me! If only they allowed you in before sunset, but all in all, we had fun. I hope you end up checking it out! :) - Jen


Two Lips

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Spring is here and the tulips are in full bloom early here in the Pacific Northwest, and I was able to take advantage of some good weather we had a few days ago & check out Tulip Town.

Every year, this is something I look forward to, because it's always been conveniently during the month of my birthday (April), with the exception of this year. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers for their simplicity, vibrancy & resiliency. I used to have tulips in my yard, at my old house. We planted the bulbs one year and every year after Summer, the tulips would die and disappear entirely. Looking at the dirt, you would never think anything was ever there, but come Spring again, tulips would seem to pop up over night. Metaphorically, it makes one feel hopeful & reassured about some things in life. 

It's also crazy to think, that in a month, I'll be turning 26. I used to be so scared of my birthday, despite my annual weeklong celebrations. I always related to Michael Jackson in the sense that, I felt like I never wanted to grow up, because I'm such a kid at heart. Of course, that's still truer than ever, but now, my birthday doesn't seem to mean as much to me. Sometimes when people ask me how old I am, I actually have to hesitate & think. I may be 25, but I feel 20 (I don't drink)... ok maybe 23. There are people out there in their 40s, that act like a 20-year-old, & 20-somthings with the wisdom of someone in their late 50s. More than ever, the numbers just don't mean anything anymore.

I truly understand now, that its just about how you feel. Here's to hoping I feel like a kid at heart forever!

Thank you all again for reading! Have a wonderful Monday! But first, coffee ;) - JEN


The Happiness of Pursuit

Let me start by addressing the fact that, yes, it's been quite a few months since I’ve blogged or appeared on any other social networks. 

I had put myself on a temporary hiatus to work on a few personal things. Looking back on it now, I'm not sure what triggered it, but quite frankly, I had sunken into a bit of a depressive state. Throughout my life, I've come to known periods of sadness, but this was different. I lost the motivation to blog, make videos, take photos, and even Instagram (my favorite!). Slowly, I also stopped going out, I stopped working out, and just spent a lot of time at home. I continued with the bare minimum of going to school and work, and almost nothing else. Sad, I know. (-_-)*

I never could figure out why I was feeling that way, or maybe if it was the typical mid-twenties slump people talk about, but I knew I wanted to do something to make myself happier. It felt like something was missing from my life; a sense of motivation or purpose. 

Obviously now, with the presence of this blog post, I’m feeling a lot better. :) As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I owe it all to a book. I was walking through Barnes & Nobles one day (a place I find quite comforting), when I came across “The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life,” by Chris Guillebeau. The title probably doesn't help the cheesy factor, but honestly, when you felt the way I did, it doesn't matter. At my lowest low, part of my sadness was becauseI felt that the world didn't understand me, that I didn't understand me, but this book did. 

"I felt a deep discomfort the life I had been prescribed."
"They had a life that was relatively satisfying, but waiting beyond their comfort zone, was something better."

The idea that knowing that other people in the world had felt what I was feeling was eye opening and refreshing. Guileau's book shares many stories of people he's met around the world, finding a sense of fulfillment through lifelong (and short term) quests. I'm only halfway through the book so far, which also walks you through different ways to discover your own quest, but I feel so much happier already., just knowing what to do now. One of the suggestions is a bucket list. I've put together mine here.

This blog has always been a place for me to share different looks I wear and videos I've made, but it's called "In Jen's Life," after all. I'm excited to start posting looks frequently again, but in addition to that, I want to make this a place to record my personal quest for happiness, and towards creating a better self. That's what a blog was originally for, wasn't it? It was an online diary. I didn't really understand that before, but now I do, and I have a whole new love for blogging.

It's going to be a long journey, but I'm excited to embark on it, and share my experiences with you all. I hope you're doing well, enjoyed this read, and come along with me on this adventure!  (You can check out the book here) Also, before this post becomes an essay, I'll talk to you guys again soon!

Love, Jen

P.S. Meet my new dog Lulu! :) Bruce is still very much in the picture, he just has a buddy now. Special thanks to my cousin Donald for the pictures. :P

Express sweater (similar here) & leggings | Steve Madden boots | ASOS jacket (similar here)

Newport Lace

Yesterday my family and I headed to New Port Beach! It felt completely different from our trip to Venice Beach the day before. There's a lot more fun shops to visit, lot's of parking (which is nice), and it just feels so much more alive and colorful! People on bikes everywhere and surfers in the water. It felt like the epitome of the Californian lifestyle!


For a seattle-native, it was a shocking 90F today at Newport Beach, which was quite bearable with the nice ocean breeze. Plus I had a refreshing frozen chocolate banana to munch on! I haven't had one in years!


How cute is this older couple? The wife wheeled her husband onto the pier. I hope to find myself in a relationship like this 60 years from now. :)

All in all, I felt like the day was perfect! We didn't do much per say, but my family and I had a really nice time enjoying the view, the sounds of the ocean, and watching surfers trying to take on the big waves. Plus, there's nothing I enjoy more, than simply taking photos. 

And while I feel like I may have been a tad overdressed for the beach, I ended up really like my pick. My blouse helped protect my shoulders from the sun, yet it was cool and free flowing. The lace shorts added a touch of femininity and my Sam Edelman sandals made 3 hours of walking a breeze! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed my time at Newport. Until next time, xoxo JEN


Express blouse (similar here) | Zara short (similar here) | Sam Edelman sandals | Ray Ban sunglasses

Venice Neutrals

Hey loves! :) It sure feels so good to be back in California! The weather here is just the perfect temperature to me, and there are beautiful places to visit everywhere!

My family and I flew in yesterday afternoon and decided to spend our first morning in the Los Angeles area, exploring the outside of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, otherwise known as LACMA. Turns out it's closed on Wednesdays. Who knew?!

It was fine anyways, because the weather was so nice my parents and I quite enjoyed our walk through the park. The real prize was seeing the Urban Light installment by Chris Burden. It's a popular place to shoot in LA by a lot of bloggers I've followed over the years, and I'm happy to finally see it in person. I can't wait to visit it again at night when the lights are on!


Forever 21 top | American Eagle shorts | ShoeDazzle heels (similar here) | Michael Kors handbag
Express necklace | Express & H&M finger candy | Fiji nail polish by Essie

I also got to try out my new Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classical camera. (Wow that's a long name). I love how vintage it looks!

After that we headed to Venice Beach!

I can't believe how close this seagull let me get to it! I was an arms length away for this shot!

I hope you guys enjoyed joining me for the day at Venice Beach and LACMA! After these pictures were taken above, I ended up doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, so of course I held back on taking more pictures after that haha. (Thank my cousin Donald for nominating me). It was funny because I had to do the challenge twice, because my mom forgot to push record the first time (my dad enjoyed it tough). Anyways, I hope you all have had the chance to donate (link is above) and I'll talk to you all again soon! xoxo JEN